New Eagle Hills AVA in Idaho

Bob and Robin:

New Idaho AVA – Eagle Hills AVA. Some really good wines from this region.

Originally posted on Treasure Valley Food and Wine Blog:

IdahoWineComm-Logo_JPGThis just in from the Idaho Wine Commission. Idaho gains another Wine AVA – Eagle Hills AVA. Here is the announcement.

November 25, 2015
Contact: Moya Shatz Dolsby
Executive Director, Idaho Wine Commission
O: 208.332.1538 C: 208.841.8072

Idaho Gains New Viticultural Designation – Wine Growing Region Near Boise Identified for its Soil, Climate

Eagle, Idaho – The Idaho wine community gained an important new designation with the approval of the Eagle Foothills American Viticultural Area (AVA). An AVA is a federally designated wine grape-growing region distinguishable by distinct geographic features such as climate, soil, elevation and physical features. Conditions and grapes grown within this geographic region cannot be replicated.
Previously, Idaho vineyards were lumped together within the Snake River Valley AVA—one that spans through Idaho and eastern Oregon. The Eagle Foothills is the first AVA to be located completely within the boundaries of the state…

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Wonderful “White Velvet Soup”

Bob and Robin:

Wonderful soup. The recipe is listed below highlighted. Enjoy!

Originally posted on Boise Foodie Guild:

21sept2013_2_robins-bday-captains-shack_gumbo_getting-happyThis White Velvet Soup is wonderful! Smooth. Slightly sweet. Creamy. It takes a little time, but well worth it on a cold and snowy winter evening – no not snowing in Boise! But if it were ………… And then add some crumbled bacon (everything is always better with bacon!) and the Pomegranate Gremolata at the end, it is wonderful. It makes one feel joyful. Happy. And just think, it’s just some vegetables cooked together. Look at this soup. Then make it and enjoy! Add some toasted sourdough to serve with it.

White Velvet Soup

White Velvet Soup
pomegranate gremolata and crumbled bacon

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Here’s a Different Breakfast

Bob and Robin:

Oh yum!

Originally posted on Boise Foodie Guild:


Last night I made a Icelandic Flounder with Beurre Blanc, a great Mother Sauce for white fish and other delights, and Green Peas and a Brussels Slaw with Heirloom Rainbow Carrots. A super dinner. But I had some sauce left over so here is what I made this morning utilizing the Beurre Blanc.

Eggs Beurre Blanc on Toasted Brioche on a bed of Baby Spinach and Arugula and Bean Sprouts Fresh Raspberries and Blueberries

Eggs Beurre Blanc on Toasted Acme Bakeshop Brioche
on a bed of
Baby Spinach, Baby Arugula and Bean Sprouts

Fresh Raspberries and Blueberries

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Sunday Dinner

Bob and Robin:

A good Sunday dinner.

Originally posted on Boise Foodie Guild:

Bob and Robin Halloween 1

And a good Sunday dinner! Not the standard chicken, mashed potatoes and peas. This time beef, corn and vegetables. And a good 2012 Chateau Haut-Bages Liberal. It was a good one. The polenta was an Idaho product and so was the beef.

Idaho Polenta Spinach and Butternut Squash Casserole T-Bone Steak with Sauteed Mushrooms and Red Wine Reduction with Shallots

Idaho Creamy Polenta

Spinach and Butternut Squash Casserole

T-Bone Steak
sauteed mushrooms, red wine reduction with shallots

2012 Chateau Haut-Bages Liberal Pauillac

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Winter At The Boise Farmers Market

Bob and Robin:

The Boise Farmers Market is still open for this season, but not for long. I will miss them during their “off time”.

Originally posted on Boise Foodie Guild:

The "Spoon" The “Spoon” It’s winter! Snow in the mountains where it should be. In the high 20’s at night. And the Boise Farmers Market has moved inside at 8th and Fulton in the Linen Building. Free parking for the first hour, but you will need to get a receipt for that hour at the pay booth. They are open each Saturday now, through December 19th, from 9am – 2pm. Then we go through “Produce Withdrawl”. You can follow the BFM on their website at Boise Farmers Market. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter on their web page. Here are two photos that I took this morning at The Market. I have my specific vendors who I look for: Meadowlark Farms, Purple Sage Produce, Rollingstone Chevre, Acme Bakeshop, Desert Mountain Farms, True Roots Produce, Gaston’s Bakery, Next Generation Organics, The Mushroom Farm and Neckar Coffee, to name a few…

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Superb Wine Buffet at the TVWS

Bob and Robin:

An exceptionally good Wine Buffet at the TVWS. Robin gave a superb program, selected some awesome wines and had Chef Jake prepare a super dinner buffet.

Originally posted on Treasure Valley Food and Wine Blog:

Wine ConsumerismWow! If you missed this one, you missed an awesome and very full Wine Dinner. Almost 66 people were there! Robin did such a great job in selecting the wines, suggesting the menu to Chef Jake and presenting the program. Some little known facts about her wine education and background. Eight wines were donated from our wine cellar. All a range of reds from the 2007 Cinder Rosé of Syrah – which was wonderful – to the awesomely bold and big 2008 Saviah Petit Verdot. Here are the wines that were presented, and if you liked the Cheese Ball that we made, a link to the recipe is below.

The wines that were presented.

The wines that were presented.
Appetizer Wine with Cheese Balls (Sweet Potato Cream Cheese Dip) and Assorted Berries
2007 Cinder Rosé of Syrah SRAVA, ID
2005 Buena Vista Pinot Noir Carneros, CA

2004 Don Miguel…

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Blind Tasting at The Buzz

Bob and Robin:

Great wine dinner again at The Buzz!

Originally posted on Treasure Valley Food and Wine Blog:

10Nov2015_1e_The-Buzz-Monthly_Blind-Tasting_Buzz-InsideNow here is a different program for a Wine Dinner. Serve the wines, but don’t tell anyone what they are. Can you identify the varietals? Good test! I failed! Robin won! Figures. But really a great and fun night. And the food Cristi served for dinner. I want the recipe for two of the dishes – the salad and the soup. They both were terrific! Delicious. We started off with two wines for Cristi’s Choice – she selects the wines that may, or may not, correspond to the wines and the food we are having. The white wine that she served was a White Pinot Noir from Oregon. I scored it a [18]. It had a great nose and was surprisingly good. The second wine she presented as a Cristi’s Choice was a Red Petit Verdot from Washington. It had to get a [19] and was, in my not so…

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Good Visit to Rembrandt’s Coffee House in Eagle

Bob and Robin:

Say good-bye to a breakfast menu at Rembrandt’s Coffee House in Eagle, Idaho.

Originally posted on Boise Foodie Guild:

05Nov2015_1f_Rembrandts_Outside -FrontAnd still a very good breakfast. The bad news? They are eliminating the breakfast menu as of November 6, 2015. They have a very small kitchen area and they want to be able to make more of their pastries. You can visit their website at Rembrandt’s Coffee House. In place of the breakfast, they will be serving fresh baked muffins, scones, quiches, pastries, oatmeal, granola and grab and go lunches – fresh made deli type sandwiches. They will still have their fresh ground coffees. (See the notice below) Definitely a 4-Star restaurant. Well worth the trip to Eagle.

Notice to stop their full breakfast menu. Notice to stop their full breakfast menu.

The ordering area. The ordering area.

Pastry case. Pastry case.

The dining area. Couches. Tables. Chairs. Pews. Oh yes! It once was a church. All ages are welcome - very young, children, old and very old! The dining area. Couches. Tables. Chairs. Pews. Oh yes! It once was a church. All ages are welcome – very young, children, old and very old!

Frosted Cinnamon RollFrosted Cinnamon Roll

Lil Jake Omelet and Fresh Fruit with AvocadoLil Jake Omelet and Fresh Fruit with Avocado

Johnnie's Omelet with Potatoes and Sour CreamJohnnie’s Omelet…

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Renewed Photos

Bob and Robin:

Two photos that I have taken and now re-visited. I really like these.

Originally posted on Idaho Through the Eyes of a Photographer:

Back in May of 2012, I took this photo from the Train Depot looking in towards the city of Boise.Double exposures of the same subject – cars on Capitol Blvd. Interesting effect and I always have loved this photo. Enjoy! Left-Click the photo to enlarge. Then look for the original size number and click on that number.


Here is another photo that I really like.It was taken at Shoshone Falls. It was raining lightly and this hole in the rock “snuck up on me”. It was a surrealistic view of the Snake River 500 feet below me. This one really looks great enlarged to full size. It has been HDR bracketed.


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What is “passata”?

Bob and Robin:

Passata explored and explained.

Originally posted on Boise Foodie Guild:

Bob and Robin Halloween 1In the normal course of events of a daily schedule, we usually try to watch the Rachael Ray Show, just another in our long list of cooking shows we watch. Inquiring minds need to know. So today, she was making a tomato sauce and she used passata. We had no idea what this was, except it looked like tomato. It is. Uncooked, processed and strained to remove seeds and skins. Simply stated – passata is not cooked and it is made from fresh, de-stemmed and cored tomatoes. I did find this link on the web, What is Tomato Passata? on The Kitchn website.

It seems as if passata is an uncooked tomato puree that has been strained of seeds and skins. It originated in Italy but is used throughout Europe. Some passatas are chunkier and some are smoother, depending on the brand. Some people claim that passata can…

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