Buddy Went Over The Rainbow Bridge

Buddy, Dec 18, 2001 – Feb 17, 2018, was our rescued American Eskimo (Eskie) dog. left us yesterday, Saturday peacefully and quietly. We will miss him terribly.
We got him in 2005 and they said he was about 4 years old then. He came to us with a big problems – he was psychologically abused by a man. Loud noises, sudden moves, Mailman, skate boards, FedX and UPS trucks totally “wiped him out”. We did get him past those traumatic conditions. It took me almost 5 years to get him to roll over and let me rub his tummy.
But he was totally devoted to us, and we to him. He loved to walk and romp, but hated water. Here are some photos of him. Enjoy! Left-Click any of these photos to see them enlarged.
A direct quote from Buddy,

I also have other toys that I like to play with. I love to play “Tug-Of-War” with my pull toys and am starting to like my “squeaky Ball”. But it sometimes makes a funny noise and I
don’t know what that noise is. I sometimes sleep on the bottom of the bed at nights. Its soooo cuddly. That way, if I need to go out at night, I have someone close by to let me out.

Buddy’s last photo.

Robin with Buddy’s Cousin Tasha

Cousin Sam and daughter Marnie. Sam was huge. Both he and Tasha were Samoyed.

Buddy loved Robin.

Buddy says, “My name is Buddy and I came to Robin and Bob on December 18, 2005. I am an American Eskimo (Eskie) and I am about 4 years old. I look like a Samoyed, but I’m not. I am from the family of Spitz. That makes me a Canis canis, and not Canis lupis, or so they say. “… No one knows exactly when and how the American Eskimo originated. However, the American Eskimo is one of the Spitz families of Nordic breeds, and is possibly related to the White German Spitz, Samoyed and White Keeshond. Evidence suggests that “White Spitz” dogs were first brought to the United States by German settlers.” (From http://www.dogbreedinfo.com) I weigh about 28 pounds and probably won’t get much bigger, unless I can find some bacon or peanut butter cookies! I love to romp in the snow and play with my blanket. (That’s my blanket in the picture)”

Young Buddy (2005)

Bath time. He was not happy! (2009)

Buddy profile

His favorite past time.

Buddy at 5 years old (2006)

It took a long time to give him a tummy rub. (2006)

He thought he was a lap dog.

Protecting his toys (2005)

He came ……..

He saw ….

He conquored!







And then he was gone

Weekly News From BFM

News from the Boise Farmers Market (BFM)

Boise Foodie Guild

Seeds are going into the ground, meetings are being held and funding is being sought and distributed. Winter is so busy it’s starting to feel like Spring!
Boise Farmers Mobile Market Expansion
Grant Received – and More!
We are thrilled to announce that the Boise Farmers Mobile Market has received a St. Luke’s Community Health Improvement Fund grant!

This $8,000.00 grant will help expand the Mobile Market to 4 days each week during the season (Memorial Day to Labor Day) and assist with better marketing of our Double Up Bucks and SNAP programs. We are happy to work in concert with St. Luke’s mission “to improve the health of people in our region” and do our part, here, in our Boise neighborhoods.

We have also received $1,200 in Individual Support already this year! We have another $4,000 to raise to fund the summer. If you haven’t read about last year’s…

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Boise Farmers Market is Coming Soon!

It’s been a looooooong summer. Can’t wait for BFM to open again in April! But here is some news.

Boise Foodie Guild

The weather outside right now is cloudy and 60 degrees! It’s Springtime in the Rockies. And with Spring, comes the Boise Far,ers Market. Here is the latest news from them.
Even though it’s winter, there is a lot going on in the world of local food and local sustainable farming!
The Babies are Growing Up at True Roots Organics!
Kaimana, the youngest farmer at True Roots Organics, and his side-kick Nala are checking the seedlings to make sure all is well.

These were planted in early January and are already sprouted, but we couldn’t pass up on this darling pic!

With biodynamic innovation and some large black barrels that absorb the heat of the sun, the inside temperature in the green house is 60 degrees plus. Perfect for spring seedlings.

Wrinkled Crinkled Crumpled Cress

We can hardly wait to enjoy the fresh produce from the True Roots Organics booth come…

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Like honey? Try Tupelo Honey.

Great honey!

Boise Foodie Guild

And I do like honey. The natural honey from Weiser, ID is really good. Idaho Honey Apiaries, 426 Krause Rd, Mathews Farms in Weiser, to be exact.
And those of you who read this blog and follow it, know that I use 99.9% Idaho products. Especially Idaho farm products – eggs, beef, lamb, chicken and all kinds of produce.
But there are some times when I defer to the 0.1% of the time when I leave the trend and go outside of Idaho. Honey. My favorite, hands down, is Tupelo Honey! (Tupelo, MS was named after the tupelo tree!) It is a fruity, floral and slightly tan. It is delicious! From healthywithhoney.com, “…The center of all tupelo honey producers is Apalachicola River, in the Florida Panhandle. Tupelo honey is produced wherever tupelo trees bloom, all over southeastern USA, but the purest and most expensive version (certified by pollen analysis) is…

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What’s the Difference Between Stock and Broth?

Bone stock, not broth.

Boise Foodie Guild

Roasted Beef Bone Stock with fresh grated Turmeric and Ginger, sea salt and fresh ground pepper. This has been a question that I get quite often. It’s time to post a response. From Emma Christensen at thekitchn.com our answer seems to be quite clear. And non-complicated.

For years I assumed that “stock” and “broth” were interchangeable terms for the same thing: liquid flavored with vegetables, meat scraps, and bones, used as the base for soups, sauces, and other dishes.
But is this actually the case? It turns out there is a slight but significant difference between stock and broth.

The Primary Difference Between Stock & Broth
Often stocks and broths both start off the same way: scraps of vegetable, meat, and bone are slowly simmered to extract as much flavor as possible. But there is technically a difference between the two.

Broth: Technically speaking, broth is any liquid that has…

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Great Sunday Brunch at Parma Ridge Winery and Bistro

Another awesome visit to Parma Ridge Winery and Bistro! Yum!

Treasure Valley Food and Wine Blog

It was a beautiful drive from Boise with the fog forming along the river and in the valleys. Surrealistic. The food was good and the service was super. I’m glad we had reservations as the Bistro was getting full with at least 1 large party. I highly suggest you call for reservations – (208) 946-5187 or text them.
My only suggestion, and I mentioned this to Chef Megan, is to watch the salt content in the Poutine Bowl. I know it was well above the 1¼ teaspoon of daily allowance. It was excessive. But the plus side is the flavors were all there from the chardonnay sautéed mushrooms, cheese and bacon. Look at what we had. Yummy! Add to this a wonderful glass (or two) of the Parma Ridge 2016 Merlot, and you are bound for a super experience. Here is their Menu. If you want a fun…

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Robert Burns Night Coming Up!

Fun night. Lots of Scotch Whisky and food!

Boise Foodie Guild

The Bobby Burns Supper Night is coming up on the anniversary of his birthday on January 25. He was born on January 25, 1759. The supper night is celebration of his poetry and songs.
“Robert Burns was born on 25 January 1759 in the village of Alloway, two miles south of Ayr. His parents, Willian Burnes[s] and Agnes Broun, were tenant farmers but they ensured their son received a relatively good education and he began to read avidly. The works of Alexander Pope, Henry Mackenzie and Laurence Sterne fired Burns’s poetic impulse and relationships with the opposite sex provided his inspiration. Handsome Nell, for Nellie Kilpatrick, was his first song. [robertburns.org]”
According to Wikipedia,

Robert Burns (25 January 1759 – 21 July 1796), also known as Rabbie Burns, the Bard of Ayrshire, Ploughman Poet and various other names and epithets, was a Scottish poet and lyricist. He is widely regarded…

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Thanksgiving 2017

Superb Thanksgiving with friends and family. Everyone helped.

Boise Foodie Guild

And a good Thanksgiving it was! Marnie had us all down to Marsing, ID for dinner. Robin, Chris, Eric, Emmet, Marnie and me. Beautiful view across the Snake River to Lizard Butte. Sunny and warm. We ate on her back porch. Served dinner buffet style. Much easier.
Eric made some fresh venison summer sausage so we had cheese and sausage to start. And yes, there was a variety of wine and drinks for those who do not drink wine. Emmet made a wonderful Pecan Pie and Marnie made Port Poached Pears. Oh yum! Robin and I made the turkey and some trimmings, including Crockpot Mashed Potatoes, a wonderful and easy way to make mashed potatoes. Chris made the Dried Corn for the first time. Good job, Chris. If you want to see these photos enlarged, Left-Click them.

Lizard Butte from Marnie’s front porch.

Robin on the porch.

The turkey…

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Washington Apple Cup

An awesome party at Parma Ridge Winery in Parma, Idaho.

Treasure Valley Food and Wine Blog

Sunset at Parma Ridge Winery and Bistro It was a really beautiful night and sunset. Tis is one of those “moments in time” photos that I captured.
Many, many thanks to Stephanie and Chef Storm Hodges for opening the winery and tasting room – and their beautiful house – for this 1st Annual Apple Cup Party. (It celebrates the football game between the Washington Huskies and the Washington State Cougars. Both teams were well represented!) Hopefully, Robin and I will be included next year. Bring more wine!
Chef Storm prepared some awesome Washington Beef! Also was Brocoli Rabe, Mushrooms in Marsala, Chicken Skewers and Potatoes and Gravy. (There are photos below) If you want to see any of these photos enlarged, Left-Click them. Enjoy these photos and the delicious meal we had. Cheers!


Tables were set up in the new barrel room!

We offered these wines.

Chicken Skewers


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Two Good Meals We Made – Idaho Trout and Eggs Benedict

Yum! Recipes are included.

Boise Foodie Guild

Ah yes. This was a fun meal. Idaho Trout Papillote with Candy Heirloom Carrots and Mashed Potatoes. 2006 Douro Estacao. From Wikipedia,

En papillote (French pronunciation: ​[ɑ̃ papijɔt]; French for “in parchment”), or al cartoccio in Italian, is a method of cooking in which the food is put into a folded pouch or parcel and then baked. The parcel is typically made from folded parchment paper, but other material, such as a paper bag or aluminium foil, may be used. The parcel holds in moisture to steam the food. The pocket is created by overlapping circles of aluminum foil and parchment paper and then folding them tightly around the food to create a seal. A papillote should be opened at the table to allow people to smell the aroma when it opens.
The moisture may be from the food itself or from an added moisture source, such as water, wine…

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