Mother’s Day Brunch for Robin and Marnie


The Ladies in my life. Robin and Marnie at Richard’s – The Inn at 500 Capitol, 500 S Capitol, in Boise. (208) 472-1463. Well worth the phone call and definitely a 5-Star restaurant. “Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art.” – unknown author and “If you are afraid of butter use cream.”— Julia Child. “We eat for our bodies, we dine for our soul.” -Molly Langston. I think these reflect Chef/Owner Richard Langston’s cooking philosophy! Just look at what we had. Such a great time with the loves of my life! Chef Langston tries very hard to source his food products from local farmers, including the Boise Farmers Market. (Left-Click any of these photos to see them enlarged.)


Figs Stuffed with Gorgonzola, wrapped in Basil and Prosciutto with Local Honey


Fried Red Potatoes with Roasted Tomato Aïoli


Breakfast “Carbonara” Pasta tossed with Pancetta & Parmesan and topped with 2 Baked Eggs


Crab Omelet topped with Hollandaise Sauce and Acme Bakeshop Baguette Toast


Courvoisier Cognac to go with dessert


(Front) Brown Butter Tart with Seasonal Fruit (Strawberry) and House-Spun Ice Cream
(Back) Tiramisu Cheesecake with Mascarpone, Espresso, Lady Fingers, Chocolate

Marnie’s – Long Week

Yes, long week helping Marnie! But so very glad we could help. Lots got one – new forced air AC and heater installed and all of the duct work. Gone like the wind is the baseboard heat. Old windows are gone – all of them. New ones are installed and they look great. Thermal windows at that. The deck has started to be power washed, where we take these photos. There is a Starling that is trying to take up residence in the ceiling of the porch. She really should stop that and then get rid of all of the mites. Here, through the magic of film, is what we saw this week. Enjoy and Left-Click any of the photos to ee them enlarged.

Beautiful Icelandic Poppies are growing in her yard.

One European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) is trying to set up house in her porch ceiling.

The Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) seems to be always in the area.

California Quail (Callpepla californica) are very abundant but hard to see and even more difficult to photograph.


Fish are abundant in the pond. Probably Carp, but there are Bass and Trout in there. They have been stocked.


Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) families frequent the pond these days.


Another family of geese.


Even a goose must sleep sometime and out of the hot sun! It was in the 80’s.


American White Pelicans (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) flyby on a regular basis.


American White Pelicans (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos). The ones that have the flap on their beaks, are breeding.


American White Pelicans (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) Check the beaks.


And finally Lizard Butte from Marnie’s porch taken with a 500mm lens.

Marnie’s Pond This Week!

Actually a good week. Glad we are able to help her. Heating ductwork installed this week. She was on electric baseboard heat. Now it will be forced air. Windows are coming tomorrow and they will be installed. Replacing all windows in the house. Thermal windows. And then I think she is starting the painting and then the flooring is installed.
Pictured here is a field of mustard, There are many of them in this area. Does anyone know if they process this to make spreadable mustard? Inquiring minds need to know. Enjoy the following photos and Left-Click any of them to see them enlarged.

Great Egret on the pond.

Great Egret

The Egret is leaving.

Black Cormorant checks the pond.

Cormorant finds a good spot. Looking for fish.


Osprey is searching for fish, too!


Osprey doing acrobatics.

Beautiful Osprey!


Wine & Art in the Park at Marsing Island Park

And what a great time it was! Even in the blustery and cold wind. Heavy overcast, but no snow or rain. Wine, art, beer, music, food, animals, cars and fun!And IDDFG (Idaho Fish and Game) even stocked the pond with trout – today, I think – and opened fishing up for everyone. Enjoy these photos from the party. Left-Click any photo to see them enlarged.

Bev Williamson Mack was there to offer wines from several wineries in the area.

Several local artists set up their canvas and painted the scenes.

Food venders were there too.

Wonderful balsamic vinegar were offered, too!

Chocolate any one?

Several cars were on show.

And animals, such as –


A Hawk from the Morley Nelson Birds of Prey Area.

Horned Owl

IDF&G was there to help those who want to try fishing. There were some trout caught!

The Marsing Pond.

Some of the crowd who was there.

Marnie’s Pond and the Boise Greenbelt

Danger signs are posted at different places along the Greenbelt.

The photos of Marnie’s Pond, aka Marsing Pond, were taken on Monday, May 1. The photos of the flooded Greenbelt were taken today, May 4. The Boise River is still flowing at 8900 cfs, but fluctuates up to 9200 cfs at times. The flooding along the river may last until late summer, so I am told. So for now, we will just have to live with restricted usage of the Greenbelt, beaches and the Kayak Park. Left Click these photos to see them enlarged.

Beaver at Marnie’s Pond. This was a surprise.

red-winged Blackbird in flight at Marnie’s

And along the Boise Greenbelt, there were …………


Geese and Goslings. The male is watching me carefully. I was about 20 feet away. Good lens!

Duck and Ducklings.

Seahawk – Osprey – looking for lunch.


Whitewater Park. The Kayak Dam has been breached. River flowing at 9000cfs.

These folks could build a boat dock. And yes, this water is flowing. See the ripples?

Wildlife At Marnie’s Pond

Well, it’s not officially named Marnie’s Pond, we just named it that. Actually, it is called Marsing Pond. She bought a place that overlooks the pond and the Snake River. Beautiful location and wildlife. An yes, there are fish in the pond – Golden Bass that grow to 11 lbs or so. Dinner size! The Golden Bass is also known as a Dorado, Tiger Jaws or Golden Dorado.

The golden dorado is highly sought-after by anglers, both for its appreciated meat and its fighting ability. The aggressive nature of the dorado, its high jumps, fighting strength and stamina have created a competitive market among anglers from all corners of the world, traversing South American waters in hopes of hooking a dorado…From the 2000s onwards, the dorado has been increasingly recognized as a fly-fishing targeted species. Its aggressive behavior and initiative taking flies as an active predator, paired with great fight energy, frequently going airborne in the attempt to loosen itself from the hook, make this species a true gamefish…The golden dorado has a large head, with powerful jaws filled with sharp teeth. Adults are yellow-golden in color, but imatures are more silvery. Imatures (to a lesser extent adults) resemble Brycon hilarii and Salminus hilarii. It reaches maturity around 37 cm (15 in) long.[citation needed] The average size of the golden dorado is about 3–10 kg (6.6–22.0 lb). The largest recorded size is 1.3 m (51 in) in length and 34 kg (75 lb) in weight.[ Females grow considerably larger than males, but otherwise the sexes are similar. It is the largest scaled freshwater fish. [Various sources]

Here are some photos of the bird life on the pond. Could not get a photo of the fish jumping, but I will! Enjoy! Left-Click any of these photos to see them enlarged.

Storm over Lizard Butte

Canada Goose finds a home!

Some Coots frequent the pond.

And a Hawk looking for dinner!

And how about the Blue Herons?

And the many red-winged Blackbirds.

Awesome Dressing

This is one awesome dressing that can be used on a variety of dishes; burgers, steak, salads, shrimp dip, etc.

Combine 1 part Oma & Popie’s Drunk Uncle Wing Sauce (see them at the Boise Farmers Market or Oma & Poppie’s on FB) and 2 parts Martin’s Swiss Dressing (available online at Martin’s Swiss Dressing). Martin’s Swiss Dressing almost has an Asian component. I do hope you like this combination. We do!

Boise Greenbelt Today

They are releasing water from Lucky Peak Dam, east of Boise by about 5 miles, to make room for the mountains snow melt. They – Corps of Engineers – have also filled some of the irrigation canals. The current flow is 8040cfm at a height of 18.8 feet. (Here is a link to that info – USGS Boise River Data at the Glenwood Bridge. Look at these photos I took today. Enjoy! (We are about 1 mile from the river where these were taken.) Left-Click the photos to see them enlarged.

On the footbridge at the Whitewater Kayak Park. The dam is breached.

From the footbridge at the Whitewater Kayak Park.

Looking back towards the footbridge. Flooded area in the foreground. Good place for the geese.

Danger signs are posted at different places along the Greenbelt.

Boise Farmers Market Opens April 1!

Yea! It’s been a long Winter!

Boise Foodie Guild

Here is the latest from the BFM.

Welcome to the 2017 Farmers Market Season!
We are excited to get started on Saturday. Although the late winter has been cool and wet, you will be pleasantly surprised to see all the delicious fresh produce that will be at The Market!

Join us for a slice of Birthday Cake and take home first-of-the-season fresh greens plus oh so much more. What’s Fresh!

Baby Cucumbers
Bedding plants
Container Gardens
Dried Fruit
Green Garlic
Dried Herbs
Fresh Herbs
Curly Kale
Lacinato Kale
Micro Greens
Miner’s Lettuce
Salad Mix
Heirloom Seeds
Hanging Strawberry Baskets

Specialty Foods
Pickled Asparagus
Baked Goods
Pickled Beans
Custom Spices
Hard Cider
Herb Blends
Organic Kombucha Tea
Salmon Bacon
Smoked Salmon

Grass-fed Angus Beef
Pastured Raised Chickens
Duck Eggs
Chicken Eggs
Grass-fed Goat
Pasture Raised Lamb

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