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Our motorhome.

Our 1987 Itaska Windcruiser Motorhome.

Yes, it was a good two years with the motorhome. But all good things must eventually end. We have sold the 1987 Itaska! We do hope that the new owners have a great time with it. We did leave in the motorhome, all of the people where we got service. To this day, I will not take anything, nor will I suggest, that anyone go to the Camping World just west of Meridian. It is a Good Sam place, but it still lacks the mechanical talent to service older motorhomes, and it lacks talented service personnel. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! We found that All Seasons Fun, 211 Main Street, Marsing, ID (208) 896-4100 to be much better for reliability in service and very, very competitive pricing. Good luck, folks, and enjoy your sojourns!!