Such a good use for brioche and blueberries!

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05Dec2015_1d_Capitol-Cellars_Tea-Time_RobinWe have just a little brioche left, so what to do before it goes bad – no preservatives? How about a French Toast using the brioche? Wonderful! And easy. The addition of fresh nutmeg really adds a different flavor level. And then just a small dusting of powdered sugar. No syrup or butter needed. How about, too, some fresh blueberries on top? Can’t have breakfast without some bacon. Everything is better with bacon. In this case, turkey bacon. And this particular brand from Costco is very good. And it crisps up well, too.

Brioche French Toast with  Blueberries and Powdered Sugar Turkey Bacon

Brioche French Toast
topped with
Blueberries and Powdered Sugar
Turkey Bacon

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