A good stay at St Lukes. I don’t want to do it again, but this was good!

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19Jan42016_1h_Bob-OHSurgery_Room-ViewWell, I could have said, “Breakfast At Tiffanies”,but this is more fun; or so they say. The photo here is from my room at St Lukes Regional Medical Center here in Boise, while I had my OHS. The RN’s all called it the Taj Mahal – the original is in Agra, India – of Boise – one of the better rooms. And while I’m on the subject, let me say this about that. (I’ve heard that before!) My surgical team was superb – there were at least 4 of them. It was awesome. Everyone helped me through the rough spots; the psychological anxiety. I would not hesitate to recommend the surgical staff to anyone who might need heart surgery.
But there is another side of this “coin”. I am very happily married to an RN. So I pretty much know how they react to a given medical situation. The 15…

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