Super bowl weekend complete menu and recipes. Enjoy!

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01Feb2015_1c_Captains-Shack-SuperBowlFare_SteamedShrimp-TartarSauceActually, a weekend full of some really fun food. And some I had never made – Crayfish Pie. Made them in individual servings using a cupcake pan. Worked well. And they were good! The Crayfish Pie is a traditional New Orleans dish.Here is my recipe for Crayfish Pie. Enjoy!
And really, I never expected the Denver Broncos to pull this one off. But happy they did. 24 – 10 over the Carolina Panthers. But Carolina is to be congratulated on a superb season – 17-2! Wow!
But now, for the food. We had a great time preparing and securing all of this. Took probably two days and that is where the fun is – prepping. A lot of food for two of us – I really expected more, but that didn’t happen. Anyway, look at what we made and devoured! Left-Click any of these photos to see enlarged. Cheers!

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