Good wine dinner at The Buzz last night!

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12April2016_1e_The-Buzz-Spain_Faustino-2008Some really good Spanish wines last night at the Buzz. One of the better ones is pictured here. The food paring with the wines was also spectacular. I think I should tell you right up front that I am not an avocado fan. But Cristi made a wonderful Avocado Soup that was served cold. “Mikey liked it!” The only criticism that I have is, it was a little salty. I asked Cristi about that and she told me that she used chicken stock in the soup. That is probably where the salt came from because she did not add any.
The 2008 Faustino Rioja pictured here was one of the better wines of the night receiving from me a score of [18] out of [20]. The onluy better one was a NV Destello Cava that was served with the Brazo Gitanoin Spain, the dessert is called brazo de…

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