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26Feb2016_1_Sushi-Joy_Robin_Right-FacingYum meals an fun to do! Breakfast and twoi dinners. As folks say, “You do eat well!” and yes we do. Meals from scratch make it so much fun, interesting and nutricious. You can pick and choose what ingredients are included in the dishes. We try very hard to eat local. And now that Spring has arrived, the Boise Farm,ers Market is open every Saturday and we get fresh and locally produced items.
Let’s start with Tuesday dinner. A wonderful Asian Grilled Salmon, although I did not grill the salmon thgis time but rather braised it in the Asian marinade. And as a note, most – not all – but most of the ingredients to these dishes are local products – Idaho grown!

Tuesday’s dinner –
Asian Salmon Braised Mushrooms Steameed Asparagus

Asian Salmon
Braised Mushrooms
Steameed Asparagus

Wednesday –
Muishroom Omelet Fresh Fruit

Mushroom Omelet
Fresh Fruit

Lamb Chops wsith Mustard Cream Sauce Mashedd Parsnips, Turnip and Blue Potato Steamed Brusssels Sprouits in Balsamic Vinegar and Sherry Reduction

Lamb Chops
chardonnay mustard cream sauce

Mashed Parsnips, Turnip and…

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