Really a great Mother’s Day weeekend in the kitchen! Check this post out. There are recipes, too!

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26Feb2016_1_Sushi-Joy_Robin_Right-FacingJust a super fun and good weekend celebrating Mother’s Day with Robin. 08May2016_1e_Captains-Shack_Buddy-RayExciting coming up with meals that were different and surprisingly good. Fun to make. Easyb to make, although some were rather involved. Great to have Marnie over for Sunday dinner. Even Ray, her Golden Lab, had a good time with Buddy.
Some of the photos that follow of the dishes I prepared have the recipe hotlinked in the article. Please feel free to use the recipe if you would like. The Coq au Vin – Chicken in Wine – is not difficult to do, but it does take some time. The Popovers are quick and easy. The Crab Cakes are different. We had these for both dinner a breakfast!

Crab Cakes on Biscuits with Strawberry Fan and Rumalade

Crab Cakes on Biscuits
Strawberry Fan and Remoulade

Here is the recipe for the Old Bay Crab Cakes. They are differently good.

Strawberry Pie After the Crab Cakes, we just had to have this Strawberry Pie. I'm not a baker, but this is wonderful!

Strawberry Pie

After the…

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