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Spice-Graphic_GoodThere is a huge volume of information and suggestions and personal “likes” out there on spices, herbs and spices from around the world, herb and spice blends, grilling and BBQ herb and spice mixes. Here, for instance, is information – including recipes for making your own – on spices from around the world from TheKitchn. Spice Mixes From Around The World. (There are some really good ones listed there.)
This is interesting from the FoodNetwork, “Bottled grill seasoning blends are often expensive, heavy on the salt and preservatives and lacking in the flavor department. When you make your own, you control the ingredients and the flavor. Basic blends include salt, red and black peppers and additional flavor from garlic salt or onion powder.” To me the really interesting statement is “…heavy on the salt”. We really try to watch our intake of salt. And here is more information on…

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