Such a yum breakfast. First time I have ever made crepes.

Boise Foodie Guild

I have never made crepes. Robin has and they are super. This morning she said for breakfast she wanted Ricotta and Fruit Crepes. Here is what I came up with …. under her direction! The filling: 1c Ricotta Cheese, 1/2 c fresh Blueberries, 1/2 c currents soaked in Elderflower Liquor and Lemon Zest. Mix altogether and let set for 15 minutes. Here is what the cooking process looked like. The recipe is attached to each photo.

People have asked if there is a difference between blintzes and crepes and if so, what is the difference. There isn’t much if a discrepancy as both items use the same ingredients and the cooking process and techniques are very similar. Crepes are generally cooked through on both sides whereas blintzes are only cooked on one side; reserving the uncooked side for fillings. Crepes and blintzes have the consistency of thin pancakes. Crepes originated…

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