Great night of Chilean wines at TVWS!

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10Sept2014_1_TVWS-Basque-Wines_2012-Serres TempranilloMany, many thanks to Garry Scholz for putting on a great event, even though he was fighting laryngitis. Some really good wines were presented to almost 30 people who attended. It seems as though the pre-pay through Brown Paper Bag was a success. If you want to attend, you will need to buy tickets in advance of the event. The TVWS then informs Meadowlake of the number of people who have paid and will be attending. The fee is non-refundable! I had to find someone to take one of our tickets as Robin could not be there. If you want to be on the invitation list, please let someone on the Board and you will be sent an invitation. (Here is a link to the TVWS Board of Directors) Here is what we had tonight. Enjoy!

One of the better wines, in my opinion. One of the better wines, in my opinion.

Some goodies on the appetizer table. Some goodies on the appetizer…

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