Good article on Norwegian cheese and on Idaho Wing Sauce.

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No. I don’t think together. But the cheese is awesome – just don’t ask me to pronounce it – and the Wing Sauce is sweet, yet spicy. A wonderful addition to any table. But first, the cheese.

 (L) Gtetost and (R)

(L) Gjetost and (R) Tine Ekte Gjetost

Gjetost is a Norwegian cheese made from the whey of cow and goat milk. “… Gjetost is an artless cheese. It has no crystals, no shards, no holes, no rind, no mold. It is not smudged with ash nor washed with Cognac. Caves do not age it.

In fact, gjetost (pronounced YEH-toast) is more like fudge than cheese. A product of Norway, it is made by boiling the whey left over from traditional cheese production. It is stirred and condensed over heat until reduced to one-quarter its original volume. The sugars in the lactose caramelize, and the cheese becomes thick enough to pour into rectangular molds…

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