Well, it’s not officially named Marnie’s Pond, we just named it that. Actually, it is called Marsing Pond. She bought a place that overlooks the pond and the Snake River. Beautiful location and wildlife. An yes, there are fish in the pond – Golden Bass that grow to 11 lbs or so. Dinner size! The Golden Bass is also known as a Dorado, Tiger Jaws or Golden Dorado.

The golden dorado is highly sought-after by anglers, both for its appreciated meat and its fighting ability. The aggressive nature of the dorado, its high jumps, fighting strength and stamina have created a competitive market among anglers from all corners of the world, traversing South American waters in hopes of hooking a dorado…From the 2000s onwards, the dorado has been increasingly recognized as a fly-fishing targeted species. Its aggressive behavior and initiative taking flies as an active predator, paired with great fight energy, frequently going airborne in the attempt to loosen itself from the hook, make this species a true gamefish…The golden dorado has a large head, with powerful jaws filled with sharp teeth. Adults are yellow-golden in color, but imatures are more silvery. Imatures (to a lesser extent adults) resemble Brycon hilarii and Salminus hilarii. It reaches maturity around 37 cm (15 in) long.[citation needed] The average size of the golden dorado is about 3–10 kg (6.6–22.0 lb). The largest recorded size is 1.3 m (51 in) in length and 34 kg (75 lb) in weight.[ Females grow considerably larger than males, but otherwise the sexes are similar. It is the largest scaled freshwater fish. [Various sources]

Here are some photos of the bird life on the pond. Could not get a photo of the fish jumping, but I will! Enjoy! Left-Click any of these photos to see them enlarged.

Storm over Lizard Butte

Canada Goose finds a home!

Some Coots frequent the pond.

And a Hawk looking for dinner!

And how about the Blue Herons?

And the many red-winged Blackbirds.