A Little About Us

We are both retired. Bob from a variety of service jobs and Robin after 45 years of being a Registered Nurse. We both like wine and have a good wine cellar. We like cooking and eating. Bob dabbles in photographic adventures. So, our sojourn may take us through The Captain’s Shack – aka Our Kitchen – on photographic adventures or adventures along the Boise Greenbelt. Or maybe into the mountains and old ghost towns. And maybe again, to a special wine dinner or wine outing. Who knows where we’ll go. Cheers andย Keep Looking Up!

9 thoughts on “A Little About Us”

  1. Hi, I’m traveling to Idaho in September! There’s not many blog about Idaho out there, glad to have found yours ๐Ÿ™‚ Greetings from Belgium, Tine


    • That is really great that you are visiting our state. If you have time – two places to visit: Craters of the Moon and Silver City in the Owyhee Mountains – w are good friends with the Idaho Hotel owners there, Jeri and Roger Nelson. I have also started to Follow your blog. Have a great trip! Contact us if you get in the Boise area.


      • We have yet to determine our detailed travel route but we’re landing in Boise and we’re leaving from there again as well! We’ll definitely check out your tips, it’s always a bonus to get tips from locals. Thanks for following and we’ll be in touch!


  2. Hello Bob and Robin,
    Idaho Sojurn has been featured in our 51 Brilliant Retirement Blogs post:

    Congratulations and keep up the awesome work with your blog!

    PS: If you’d like an embed code with an award to display on your site, contact me. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Todd Shallat said:

    A Boise State student would like to use your Boise River kayaker photo, at the wave dam, for an essay. We hope that is okay. It would appear in an educational essay in a book of student essays.

    Todd Shallat, Boise State University.

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  4. My Husband and I are thinking of relocating to Idaho. We currently live in Vermont. We work full time but also own a Mobile Wood Fired Food Truck. Curious if there are enough events out there that we could work our food truck full time and “retire” from our jobs. My husband is currently in the Pipefitter Union here and I am an administrative assistant. My son’s friend moved there a couple of years ago and seems to be thriving the pictures he posts look beautiful and it looks like it is always sunny, also the winters look much more milder than Vermont. Also I have a snake phobia. Do you see them often?


    • Hi and welcome to Boise when you get here. This winter with it’s 25″ of snow is very rare. 4-6″ is normal. Sunny usually from March thru October. Warm to hot. Can be over 100 and very dry. If you work at it, there are many events here during the Spring, Summer and Fall. Many wineries in the area that you might contact. And the Boise Farmers Market might be an outlet. Snakes – I have never seen one at out house, 4 blocks from downtown. I have seen them in the foothills. I’ve seen more deer downtown than snakes. There is a vendor at the BFM from Vermont selling Maple Syrup, which is extremely good. Hope to see yopu in Boise. Let us know when you arrive and your food truck.


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