Boise River and Boise Greenbelt Sojourns

Posted 26 Sept
It was good to get back on the Greenbelt today. Finally a great Fall day. Bright sun. Light breeze. 76 degrees. And the kayakers were there also. I saw at least one Black Cormorant that appeared to be a young one. Maybe one of this year’s “crop”? Maybe. The Mallards were there in numbers, as usual. Great Blue Herons wedre there, but I did not see any birds of prey, Osprey or others. I heard, but did not see, Kingfishers. Here are some photos I took. Enjpoy and maybe I’llsee you on the Greenbelt now that the temperatures are 100. Keep Looking Up!

One of two kayakers

Getting our ducks in a row!

Probably this year’s duck crop.

Great Blue Heron. Actually I took this for the clouds. The heron was incidental.

Here the same Great Blue Heron is the topic and the clouds are incidental. Interesting.


Posted July, 2012

Since the downtown Boise falcon eyasses are doing OK – they are exploring the ledge … all three of them – I decided to take a break from watching them and venture down to the Boise River Kayak Park, about a mile away. Nice day for a bike ride. There were some people there using the rapids, but not too many. Here we have a kayaker practicing his kills and a surfboard, trying to stay a-float. Enjoy!

Having a Great time!

Oops! He eventually went over backwards.

Surfboarder going in. He is already off center of his board. No chance!

Here’s what happens.

“Thar she blows!” We found his foot! (He was OK)


Posted: 08 June 2012Kayakers Use The Wave Maker

The eyasses seem to be doing just fine at the Boise Falcon Scrape. So I took a bike ride along the river to the Recreation Park and the Kayak Park. There was even someone fishing at the wave maker, as pictured here. And there were some kayakers. Four of them while I was there. Not much else happening, though, on the Greenbelt. Just a good day for ride. Enjoy the photos.


Posted: 03 June 2012

During the high water long the Boise River, some rocks jammed up the bladder controls to the wave maker. Finally, the river is low enough for repairs to be made. Here a Black Cormorant does a fly-by to check out his domain. Enjoy these photos.

Here is a view of the Kayak Park from downstream. The place in the dam where you can see just a little water flowing through, is the area that is jammed.

Getting the equipment prepared.

This might be a vacuum cleaner type device.

In place.

Screen captures from the parks and rec camera.

I think the reparmen are under water. A kayaker in the background uses the chute.

Going under.


Posted: 01 June 2012

Really the first nice day to be on the river. 88 degrees and very calm winds. There were about a dozen kayaks and canoes on Quinn’s Pond and even some daring swimmers. But then, schools were out for the summer and that may have accounted for some of the activity.  These folks had a great time at the new wave maker. Here they are pondering their fate if they challenge the water flow. The weather has been terrible and the river extremely high and fast flowing the past four or so weeks. So, not much activity on the river. But that has all changed now – at least for a while. Enjoy these photos that I took. Cheers!

There was one brave soul that tried to use a surf board. The last time I saw him he was jumping into the current. The next time I saw him was 50 yards down stream. He did not try that again.


Posted: 27 May 2012

I have decided to add to this site. Precisely, our travels along the Boise River Greenbelt and the excitement of the Boise River Kayak Park. The photographs posted here and the verbal descriptions will tell a story. I hope. Do enjoy these sojourns and the photos that accompany them. There is also a 24/7 camera on the kayak park. Click Here for the streamed view of the Boise River Recreation Park and the kayakers. I encourage your comments, which are moderated. Also, if you Left-Click any of the posted photographs, you will be able to view them in Full Screen Mode. Cheers!


Posted: 24 April 2012

I spent 18 years as a Volunteer Firefighter in Delaware in the 1960’s. I know what training rigors these folks go through. Here is but one phase of their training, I think. They have the Boise River to contend with. We had oil tankers. I think some of these photos are stop action and exciting. What do you think? Enjoy! Left-Click any of these photos for a full screen view.

Checking the river flow out.

Riding the rapids.

Here is how to enter the river.

A Moment In Time

Love this photo! 


Posted: 22 April 2012

The last two times that the weather has been great, 85 degrees today and full sun, and I have been able to get to the Boise River Park at 36th Street, I have met some wonderful people. Yesterday, it was the World Champion Devon Barker and today it was the Voorhees family. From Jody Voorhees, mother to sons Alec and Hayden, she says about her two teenage sons, “Alec Voorhees 15 yrs white helmet red boat Sponsored by Jackson Kayak and NRS. Hayden Voorhees 12 yrs red yellow green boat Sponsored By NRS.” Both of these boys are very good kayakers, in my opinion. Pictured here is 15 year old Alec. Here are some more photos I took today of the lads. Enjoy!

Here, in the next several photos, is 15 year old Alec going through some maneuvers.

And here is 12 year old Hayden.

I hope you enjoy these photos. A great new park in Boise on a great old river. Cheers and Keep Looking Up!
————————————————————–Posted: 21 April 2012

It was my privilege to be at the Boise Water Park this afternoon when Devon Barker, 2012 US World Champion Kayaker from McCall, Idaho, was performing. Here is what she says about herself as written on her webpage. “I am excited for the USFKA. Kayaking has come so far as a sport and I am excited for the USFKA to help keep moving kayaking forward into the mainstream sports arena. Please email me if you wish to be added to our update list from the USFKA. I will make sure you are on the list and informed of upcoming events and opportunities to be involved! (Here are some of her honors) – World Surf Kayak Champion; 2 Time National Freestyle Kayak Champion; 5th, 7th and 8th World Championships in Freestyle; Kayaking National Board Certified Educator; Presenter for DARE TO KAYAK anti-drug program for kids .” Her hobbies include, “… Playing hockey in my hometown of McCall, Idaho for the Ospreys and skiing. I love teaching school and I return to teaching part-time each winter. Youth is our most important asset.” Here are some photos I took of her this afternoon. Let’s wish her luck as she heads for Australia for the Olympic trials. We may see her in England this summer!

————————————————————–– Posted: 14 April 2012 – Mike

Slightly overcast and light winds on the river today. But that did not stop the kayakers from performing or the crowd of people from watching. Exciting to watch …. not sure I want to participate in these performances. These kayakers are so talented. Enjoy these photos.

I like the water action in this photo.

They seem to spend a lot of time upside down.

“I know there is air up there some where!”

Tuck and roll!

Going over backwards.

He just got a face full of Boise River water.

“Here I go!”

Back up to civilization.

I was talking to one of the kayakers the other day when I noticed he had a beach ball with him. I asked if was going to chase it down stream. He said no, that they blow the beach balls up and then place it inside the kayak. It gives them more buoyancy. Interesting and I see why they use that technique.

————————————————————–Posted: 12 April 2012

One way to enter the river with a surf board. Jump! And with the river flow at 6810cfm – flood stage is 7000cfm –  this can be a real “drag” on the body as it enters the water.

And the body hits the water!

Where did he go? Actually, he made it very well. He even did it again …. and again …. and again.

Kayakers love to be in the river upside down. Here he enters his “flip turn”. There’s got to be a better kayaker term for this move.

Making the turn.

He made it!

And this one loves to bury the nose in the fast current and let the water flip him over. See the intensity of his look?

There he goes! 

Stand the kayak on its nose ……

and let the current turn you over.

Or head the kayak directly into the water flow.

“Let’s see if I can go over backwards.”

“I think I made it!”

Traffic jam!

“Did anyone see Harry?”

“Here I am!”

Actually, I don’t think they would let one of their friends or kayak buddies get “lost”. There is a dire safety factor here. I will stop in at the Idaho River office and see if I can get some literature on the terms of a kayaker. Or maybe I’ll just Google it. Enjoy!

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