Our Kitchen Remodel

Day1_1 - Copy (2) - Copy - CopyYou take a house that was built in 1905 and is essentially within the same design and layout as when it was built and you try to “change things around”, and there can be significant problems. Essentially the house is brick. 12″ think walls of brick that were made here in Boise in 1905 by the Paulson Brick Company. There are 3 houses here in a row and they were all built for the executives of the company. So yes, why not use the brick made at the Paulson Brick Company? And mostly, the brick in all the houses are still extremely viable.
But now, it is time for a change. Let’s try to do this ourselves. The thought did enter the conversation. Bad thought! Really bad thought. Better thought – Put out bids. So that we did. Levco Builders, Joe Levitch Owner, won out. Robin and Joe kinda worked together in Berkley. Robin as an RN in the emergency room and Joe a Paramedic. (Robin was working in the ER here in Boise one night and here comes Joe. Such a surprise!) But just let me say this about Levco Builders. If you are in the Boise area and need a remodel to a room or several rooms or a whole house, see Levco. They are awesome and do a superb job. We highly recommend them.
It took 21 days to complete the job. 21 days of Jimmy Dean Breakfasts. 21 days of microwave set up in the bathroom. 21 days of dust and noise. But in the end ….. absolutely worth it! I have placed some photos into a slide show. You can pause the show if you need to. Do enjoy these photos and the process. And brother, do we love our new kitchen!! Thank-You Joe and all of your contractors for a superb job!!

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3 thoughts on “Our Kitchen Remodel”

  1. Carol Newbry Cunningham said:

    I also have a house built in 1905.I love it and luckily mine was completely renovated leaving all the old drawer pulls, hinges, doors, the floor taken down to the original hardwood, even the old brass curtain rods. the bay window is wonderful. The old windows were left and all the fasteners and the hardware to open the windows. Most of the glass is old which makes it additionally fun. (A young stopped the other day and asked if I didn’t want to have all new windows put in as a recommendation to the neighbors. You know the ones. He was absolutely taken aback because I said I did not. “are you sure?” yes. they are very old and authentic. “You really don’t want knew windows?” No, I really don’t. They left the old cabinets in one end of the kitchen and extended the kitchen out and put a new kitchen in. I moved my antique (late 1800’s) kitchen queen I had collected, also with the old glass, and it fit perfectly. (As a matter of fact I am going to sell it here shortly) As you can tell I absolutely love my house and hope to stay in it for some time.
    Unfortunately I know nothing about facebook so I have no idea where this might go!


  2. Great comment. Thanks.


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